Periodically, the Center for Teaching Writing publishes lectures and guides aimed at improving reading and writing, and the teaching of reading and writing.

On Reading Well/On Being Well-Read (2009), available here, is an on-line guide for students preparing for college. The original 52-page guide, On Reading / Reading On (1998), and the new on-line edition include reading and organizational strategies, advice from well known thinkers, writers, and readers, as well as practical suggestions from university professors and students.



“Ethics and Argumentation” by James Crosswhite; Keynote Address at the 1999 University of Oregon Fall Composition Conference.


“Three of the lesser Greek gods came down from Mt. Olympus last night and told me that the Committee up there was trying to decide what the gods can do about education down here.”

Excerpt from “The Five Steps to Rhetorical Heaven” by Wayne C. Booth (Keynote Address at the Ninth Annual Oregon Conference on Composition and Rhetoric [1998]).



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