Minor/Certificate in Writing, Public Speaker, and Critical Reasoning

To leave college with the ability to write well, to speak in public, and to think critically is one of the most valuable outcomes of a college education. The minor in writing, public speaking, and critical reasoning offers students a coherent program of courses that will strengthen their abilities in all three essential areas. This interdisciplinary minor is built on courses in English, Writing, and Philosophy, and is taught by professors from English, Philosophy, and the Honors College. The minor is open to all University of Oregon undergraduates in any major. Undergraduates who want even more concentrated work in this area may enroll in the Certificate program, which requires 36 credits (9 courses, including a senior capstone course). For information on the Certificate program, go to:  Certificate.

Requirements for the Minor:

1. The minor requires 24 credits distributed as follows:

Two courses in Writing from this list:

  • WR 123 College Composition III
  • WR 320 Scientific and Technical Writing
  • WR 321 Business Communication
  • WR 423 Advanced Composition
  • ENG 420 The Art of Sentence
  • ENG 413 Theories of Literacy

Two courses in Rhetoric from this list (at least one of which must be ENG 200 or 330):

  • ENG 200 Public Speaking
  • ENG 330 Oral Controversy and Advocacy
  • ENG 491 Rhetoric and Ethics
  • ENG 492 History of Rhetoric and Composition
  • ENG 493 Modern Rhetorical Criticism

Two courses in Reasoning from this list:

  • PHIL 103 Critical Reasoning
  • PHIL 325 Logic, Inquiry, and Argument ( prerequisite: one course in Philosophy)
  • ENG 335 Inventing Arguments

Optional (may be used in any of the above categories):

  • WR 198 Independent Study (by prior approval; variable credit)
  • ENG 404 Community Literacy Internship (by prior approval of the Director)
  • ENG 494 Reasoning, Speaking, Writing

2. To count in the Minor, all classes must be taken for a grade of mid-C or better with the exception of ENG 404 Community Literacy Internship, which can be taken with a P.

3. Only two courses taken for the Minor may be used to fulfill any other minor or major. WR 123 may be used for the Minor and to complete the University Writing Requirement.

4. All upper-division coursework for the Minor must be taken in residency at the University of Oregon.

5. Students must declare the Minor by filling out an online form or by contacting the English Department at engl@uoregon.edu.

Direct inquiries to the English Department office, 346-3911 or the Center for Teaching Writing, 346-3922.

WSCR Courses

For the current year’s course offerings, please check the English Department’s description of the minor: http://english.uoregon.edu/undergraduate/minors/minor-certificate-in-writing-public-speaking-and-critical-reasoning/wscr-minor

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